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Founder and President of RPG Research. Published under W.A. Hawkes-Robinson.

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Name: Hawke Robinson

Position(s) / Title(s): Founder & President

Volunteer Start Date: 2004

Volunteer Number: 1

Level: 8 (Ultra-violet, 30,000+ hours)

RPG Experience: Since late 1970s


  • Washington State Dept. of Health Registered Recreational Therapist (2014-2019)
  • Interdisciplinary B.A. Psychology, Music & Recreation Therapy, Eastern Washington University. (2019)
  • Mental Health First Aide Certification (2014)
  • Global Information Assurance Certified Incident Handler, SANS Institute (2002)
  • Sun Solaris Certified Systems Administrator (SCSA)  (2001)
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) (1999) / Professional (MCP) (1998)
  • Novell Certified Netware Administrator (CNA) (1998)
  • Associates in Computer Science, Certified Careers Institute (1998)
  • Environmental Services Certified (Utah State College) (1993)
  • Automotive Service Excellent (ASE) certifications x4 (1992)
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) (1991)
  • Habilitation Therapist (1991)

Role-playing gamer since 1970s, researching effects of RPGs since 1983, implementing RPGs in educational settings since 1985, and in therapeutic settings since 2004. Washington State Department of Health Registered Recreational Therapist with a background in computer science, research psychology, neuroscience, music & recreation therapy.

Multi-instrumentalist (more than 20), composer, vocalist, performer under the pseudonym "Synthetic Zen", and drum circle facilitator which we often use in conjunction with our various programs.


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