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Related Providers

RPG Research

RPG Research is non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization.

RPG Research provides research and community services using music and role-playing games in all formats.

Services include:

  • Research
  • Community recreational programs

RPG Research provides services at various locations throughout the Northwest USA, online, and throughout North America depending on our schedules for research projects, tours, and community services.

Regular research & community service locations currently include:

  • RPG Research HQ, 1312 N. Monroe, Suite #114, Spokane, WA, 99201.
  • Spark Central, Spokane -
  • RPG Research Training, North Five Mile area, Spokane, WA, 99218.
  • Saint Luke's Rehabilitation Suite 200 (through MDA), Spokane, WA.
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association, various locations in Washington & Idaho.
  • Also international volunteers through online weekly training meetings.

Other RPG Research tour/service/presentation/volunteer-training locations:

  • Northern Oregon.
  • Greater Washington state.
  • Northern Idaho.
  • Western Montana.
  • We also provide services internationally through online services.

More information:


RPG Therapeutics LLC

RPG Therapeutics LLC is a for-profit company.

RPG Therapeutics LLC provides professional services based on Therapeutic Recreation, neuroscience, research psychology, CBT, CFT, and related disciplines. RPG Therapeutics LLC provides music and therapeutic professional paid services. These services can include:

  • Recreational/Entertainment services
  • Educational services
  • Professional training & certification services
  • Therapeutic recreation services

Services can be provided throughout the greater Northwest USA, or online. Some services have restrictions depending on your state/country.

More information at


RPG Education by RPG Therapeutics LLC

RPG Education is a service platform providing online education services to laypersona and professionals. Courses start as little as $25 per course. More information at:


The RPG Network, by RPG Therapeutics LLC is an online platform to facilitate the "gig economy" approach for RPG professionals wishing to receive payment for their professional entertainment services.
More information:


The Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer, Greater North America Area

The Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer Prototype is a proof of concept effort by RPG Research founder Hawke Robinson. This trailer allows individuals and organizations to provide services using a mobile facility that is wheelchair accessible, safe, comfortable, friendly, and nurturing. The goal is to provide services throughout North America on a tour ciruit schedule. More details at:

This prototype currently can only accommodate 3 wheelchairs with 4 non-wheelchair participants, or up to 12 non-wheelchair participants.

There is a Go Fund Me to raise funds to build the ideal wheelchair friendly RPG trailer, that will accommodate 6-8 people in wheelchairs.

Hawke Robinson has also recently purchased and been fixing up a wheelchair accessible bus, so that TWO mobile facilities can provide services at a location simultaneously. This is a work in progress. More details at:

Hawke Robinson donates the use of the RPG Trailer and the RPG Bus to RPG Research and RPG Therapeutics LLC, without charge, to further the goals of both organizations.

Other Notable Resources

The following providers use role-playing games in one or more formats, to achieve educational and/or therapeutic goals. While we may be friends and supporters of each other, these organizations are not connected or associated with RPG Research, RPG Therapeutics LLC, or Hawke Robinson, but may be of interest and value to those looking for related services in your location.

We provide this list as a courtesy to help the growing community connect with prospective clients. A listing does not indicate endorsement.

If you provide similar services, and would like your location added to this list, please contact and we will gladly add your listing to this page.


Aspiring Youth

Location: Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Washington state.


More information:


Bodhana Group, The

Location(s): Pennsylvania



More information:


Game To Grow

(previously Wheelhouse Workshop)

Location(s): Seattle Area


More information:


Heath Farm School

Location(s): Kent, U.K.



More information:


Østerskov Efterskole

Location(s): Denmark



More information:


Role-play Workshop, The

Location(s): Oakland, California, USA



More information:



Additional Resources & Individuals of Note

These are people that do not provide services per se, but are important to know related to these topics.


Boccamazzo, Raffael. "Dr B". PsyD, LMCHA.

Location(s):  Bellevue, WA. USA.


More information:


Bowman, Sarah Lynne. Professor. Ph.D.

Location(s): Austin, Texas


More information:


Megan A. Connell, PSY.D., ABPP.


More information:


Geeks Like Us


More information:


The International Journal of Role-Playing


More information:



Past Providers

These are resources and providers worth noting for historical context. They are no longer known to be operational, so or similar archives are linked for refernce information.



Location: Israel

Summary: Using RPGs for at-risk youth. Using Warhammer FRP, with a therapist monitoring.

More information:

Archived website:*/



Old list:




Shadow of Pindus by Darren Steele, "Social and Emotional Roleplaying Resources"

From the site: "Since I started Shadows of Pindus I’ve been blessed to be privy to many constructive conversations on the social and emotional aspects of tabletop roleplaying games. I’ve also begun to turn up (and be shown to) a plethora of resources in the community created by industry leaders and passionate fans alike. I want Shadows of Pindus to be more than a soapbox for my opinions and so am delighted to launch this resource list. This is a living group of links to articles, podcasts, and videos about the mysterious parts of Dungeons and Dragons, the how and why of relating to each other at the game table."




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