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Role-Playing Games and The Deaf Community

by Hawke Robinson published 2019/01/01 23:44:00 GMT-7, last modified 2019-01-01T23:45:41-07:00
Some have asked if it is possible for the Deaf community to participate in role-playing games. This is a short response.

This thread here:



Role-playing games are definitely accessible to the Deaf!

When I was more proficient in ASL (back around 2006 to 2012) I GM'd games with Deaf & Hard of Hearing (HoH) players. Sometimes in mixed groups, sometimes in ASL-only groups.

We participated in tabletop (TRPG) and live-action (LARP). Also electronic RPGs (ERPG) with text chat work the same as anyone else, so a lot in the Deaf community participate in ERPGs.

There is also an effort to develop signs specific to RPGing and D&D to speed up the game play: http://www2.aslrpg.com/

And there are ASL GM positions available as volunteers: https://www.indeed.com/company/RPG-Research/jobs/Asl-Volunteer-Tabletop-Role-Playing-Game-Master-b88f95c498ad3fcb?fccid=161dec866a13c6ef&vjs=3

And paid positions: https://www.indeed.com/company/RPG-Organization-d.b.a./jobs/Trpg-Asl-Game-Master-2dece1423a2c850e?fccid=84f27a3d90164b8a&vjs=3

Yes cultural and logistical adaptations definitely need to be taken into account, as elaborated here:


but very much do-able, and to much benefit to the community.

Happy Gaming and Happy Signing!

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